Monthly Archives: September 2014

Know Your Poop

Mini lesson about your poop. (8% dead bacteria...? Whoahh.)

Album Covers from Yugoslavia

The album art on this first one is especially sophisticated. The rest is pretty cool stuff too.

The Map As History

And currently another 207 cool animated maps about world history.

Folio for Rolando Mendez

The website of Brazilian scene director Rolando Mendez. Cool stuff.

Sex in the MRI Machine

And other things like the tongue of a horn player, somebody drinking or giving birth.

Dogs of the World

Some of them small dogs, some of them big dogs. Just in case you met a dog and wanted to know where he/she is from.

The Dummy Guide to Acid House

"This is acid: the sound of the TB-303."

Most Popular Female Names of USA by State/Year

The 70's were special for Jennifers.

Remakes of Famous Photos With John Malkovich

Remakes of classic photographs with John Malkovich as a model. Pretty cool stuff. At times pretty, at times cool...

Inside Insides

Man, this is a papaya layer by layer.

Dogs That Look Like Something Else

Some of them small dogs, some of them big dogs.
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