Monthly Archives: October 2014

Rarely Seen “Enchanted” Moments of World History Part 2 (Megapost)

Historical photos (this particular one by Steve McCurry) that will take your breath away (again).

Things You Should Know About Olive Oil

A nice infographic about a substance that would be so healthy if…

Bad Little Children’s Books

When the little devil starts to work in you.

Boston Layer-Lapse

The concept of timelapse has been updated.

Public Art Concepts by Dan Sternof Beyer

I want to see these implemented.

‘Comet Of The Century’ – Did You See It?

Did you see this one? I think I have missed it.

Problems Only Tall People Have To Deal With

God, this is all so painfully true...

Neave.TV – Television without context

You click the screen to change channels and get weird but really cool stuff.

Cool Street Art in Borås, Sweden

Why don’t we have all the dull and boring buildings in our cities painted by street artists?

Your Star Wars Occupation

What occupation would suit you in the world of Star Wars?


Someone just cannot get over the fact that Dave Mustaine has been fired from Metallica for being a sod.

The Filming of Hair: Never Seen Unpublished Photos

Unpublished rare photos taken by a bypasser who was caught in a traffic jam because of the filming.
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