Monthly Archives: November 2014

How Superheroes Looked Like in the 16th Century

16th century costumes are once again fashionable among the superheroes and villains of the universe.

Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time

Wassup with you, granny?

International Guidelines for Problem Solving

How different nationals solve their problems, told in icons.

Highest Resolution Video of Earth Ever Made

You will notice that there are more options to change the resolution of the video than usual .


I guess this guy was extremely stoned when creating this, but he still did manage to create a whole new genre.

100 Years of Rock (in Less Than a Minute)

Click on each genre to hear a music sample.

Robots Play Ace of Spades by Motörhead

Haha, these guys play for REAL.

Enemies of the Internet

Ok, this blog would not be possible in China. But how long will it be in the US?

Cymatics: Science vs. Music

"All of the experiments in this video are real."

Scale of the Universe

Another (in fact, the first) cool mapping of the universe from the smallest particle to entirety by htwins (see Part 2 here). It is the same universe, of course, but with different things scaled.

Your Boss is Insane

Man, have I been there.

Les Femmes Cocher – The Coachwomen of Paris

Wow, these women are so handsome.
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