Monthly Archives: November 2014

Dream Big: Cool Rubik’s Cube Art by Peter Fecteau

If you cant' solve the Rubik's Cube, there is always another solution.

Second Languages Around the World

Cool infographic that shows the second language of every nation and region across the globe.

The Bigger Picture: Over the Margins of Iconic Album Covers

A great set of images by web design company Aptitude that look beyond the margins of some iconic album covers.

Mister Universe (Rémi Gaillard)

I love what this guy does (or did, I am not sure if he is active still) even though I admit that sometimes he goes a bit too far. But that’s exactly what’s good about it.

What Do Cats See?

Another great project by Nickolay Lamm to give you an idea about what your pet actually sees.

If Barbie Looked Like an Average Woman

...and didn’t have bones so frail it would be impossible to walk and room for only half a liver.

Man Mixes Youtube Videos To Make This Cool Song

Guy mixes the work of other YouTube artists to make one, cohesive song. Unbelievably cool stuff.
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