Yearly Archives: 2015

Digital Sundial (That You Can 3D Print Yourself)

Have a happy one with this one:)

Find the Panda: Black Metal, Star Wars and Retro Versions

Find the panda (before the year ends).

Earthrise 2015

You have to see this before the year ends.

Most Popular Holiday Toys of the Past 50 Years

I've experienced most of them, and I wish you a good experience too - for this Christmas and in general:)

Photos of Everyday Life in 1950s New York Discovered in Attic

Face to face with the NY of the 50's.

Cool Spottings on the Canals of Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, yes.

Hatching Dinousaur Candle

This candle incubates a raptor until it is fully hatched.

Tool Dog Helps Humans Fix Cars

A man’s best friend indeed!

A Brief History of Computer Science

Cool looking 5-minute briefing.
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