Monthly Archives: January 2015

Rubik’s Cube Solved in 20 Moves (Or Less)

Finally, the secret of the Rubik’s cube is revealed. I think I can now do it.

Hippo Attack (Check Out the Speed…)

You won't believe how virulent this guy is.

Same Newspaper in All Hollywood Movies?

Is there an explanation for this? Yes, of course...

A Unisex Piece

Today's fashion tip.

Doglapse: 2 Months to 3 Years in 23 Seconds

Probably the first doglapse ever.

The World’s 25 Weirdest Drinking Customs

Important stuff about booze.

The Wingbeats of 5 Different Flying Species Animated

A beautiful animated gif that will make you fly.

Submarine Sandwich

A very special sandwich in the making.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Amputation

I like the the ending so much.

Russian Artist Resurrects Derelict Buildings

The spirit of art freed by a Russian guy.

Boat That Looks Like a Wreck

You won't believe when you see it out of the water.
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