Monthly Archives: March 2015

Birds on a Wire Play Melody

A pretty nice tune played by birds. Real birds.

DJ Trading Cards from 1996

With a deep sigh and a shrug of shoulders I tagged this post as vintage.

Wikigalaxy: Wikipedia in 3D

Oh what fun it is to ride Wikipedia this way…

How Much Does the Internet Weigh?

Talking of the Internet, did you know that it had weight? And that it was 50 grams?

What is the Deep Web?

I'm mesmerized by its size.

Concertgoers Get a Cake

A hilarious animated GIF to start the day with.

Hungarian Band Plays World’s First Ping Pong Song

The best psing psong (ever).

Africa Without Colonization

A detailed look at an alternate continent.

The Environment Before and After (Us)

We have to be thinking about the environment (now and then).

The Incredible Power Of Concentration

I wish I could focus my mind like that.

Delete Tourists from Your Travel Photos

We like this cunning little hack for Photoshop, and are trying it out.

The Last Farmer in Fukushima’s Post-Nuclear Wasteland

He went back to take care of the animals and...
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