Monthly Archives: April 2015

Amazing Celebrity Scribbles

Amazing celebrity doodles from scribbles.

12 Common DJ Poses

How Djs Pose.

This is What a Peeled Water Melon Looks Like

This is in a weird kind of harmony with the previous post.

The Coolest Helmet Ever

Today’s fashion tip.

Here & There: Horizonless Projections of Manhattan

Manhattan as you've never seen it before.

DJ Air

Hope you guys don’t do that when you DJ.

Kids Today Will Never Know the Struggle

To make thing things worse, I was only longing for that Gameboy.

Who will drive you home?

They have a point.

Red Bull Propelled Vine Machine by Zach King

I don’t like Red Bull but apparently it does give things wings.

Artist Showcases Drawing Progression From Age 2

A great way to grasp a human’s artistic development.

Rarely Seen “Enchanted” Moments of World History, Part 5 (Megapost)

Sequel to our series on world history.

Wingsuit Precision Flight Through Chilean Flag

This guy has balls. Big balls.
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