Monthly Archives: May 2015

Chinese Families Photographed With All Their Belongings

Amazing people in amazing locations, but with amounts of possessions that should make us Westerners feel ashamed.

Air Drums vs. Air Guitar

As an old metal fan, I've played the air guitar a lot, but this is something completely different.

Judgmental City Maps

Your city stereotyped.

Goa Hippie Tribe Reunites After 30 Years

(Well) after party.

(Real) Cartoon Bags

Make yourself look as if you came out of a comic strip.

Metallica’s Enter Sandman Played in Reverse and Replayed Backwards

Enter Sandman backward and then forward or what.

Codex Seraphinianus: The Weirdest Encyclopedia Ever

The weirdest oddity ever. Thanks ufonaut Benyo.

Cool Infographics About Burning Man

Infographics that will help you survive Burning Man.

Weird Board Games from the Past

Vintage board games that will hit you by surprise.

Woody Allen Advertising Vodka in 1966

Abstinent Woody Allen advertising vodka in 1966. A rather funny story indeed.

Colors Around the World

What different colors convey in different cultures and religions around the world.

Meat Babies

Baby meat. Eat?
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