Monthly Archives: May 2015

Double Exposure: Animals and Their Habitats in One

Animal habitats: 2 wor(l)ds in one.

Star Wars LEGO Super Star Destroyer Shattered at 1000 fps

Built for weeks, destroyed in a second.

Protesting Bushman Style

What should a protester wear in a country where skiing is non-existent?

World’s Largest Voodoo Market

Imagine the smell...

The Story of an Unsuccessful Shopping Trip

How come I never managed to be that wrecked even though I've tried so hard...?

Black MIDI Songs Will Kill Your Brain and Your Computer

Songs with 100 million notes and up.

The Luckiest Numbers in the World

The unluckiest numbers include 13.

Rude Hand Gestures from Around the World

If you travel the world and want to stay alive, you need to be familiar with these hand gestures.

Hardcore Mosh Pit Art

Pogo (in) to go.

Pouring Molten Aluminum In a Watermelon

I've heard about people pissing into watermelons, but this is something different.

Old School Computer Parts Play Music

Old school computer parts can play music well. Really well.

Hiking from Mexico to Canada: Before & After

The maturing effects of hiking from Mexico to Canada.
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