Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Rowdiest Kiss in Human History

Our parents knew how to party too.

The Europe That Was

A cool (literally) map including the sunken lands around today's Europe.

Timelapse of Earth from the ISS in 4K

Beautiful timelapses of the giant fireball we are rolling on.

Prisoners’ Inventions With Assembly Instructions

Human creativity is awesome.

Old Age Rejuvenator Centrifuge

I feel I need to have this done before Monday.

Amazing Non-Photoshopped Photo Mashups

Photo manipulations not involving Photoshop.

Freaky Pop

It's so telling... I mean yelling.

Master Kayaker Chases World’s Most Challenging Waterfalls

I’ve experienced a few things in kayaks, but this goes beyond everything.

Where’s WALL•E?

I couldn't find him. Can you?

Art Installation Gets Parking Ticket in Germany

German ticket wardens do know what law and order is about.

Delicate Crocheted Leaf Art

We love cubic leaves.

Walkmans With Free U2 Tape

Walkman ads from the times when U2 still ruled, but were already undeletable…
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