Monthly Archives: August 2015

Laso Schaller’s Insane 59 Meter Cliff Jump

I've done 20-25 meter jumps myself, but this is really insane.

The Fallen of World War II

The Russian column gave me shivers.

Classic Paintings Reanimated In Amazing Ways

I do hope I adhere to all the rules of the New Internet, despite posting this.

100 Guitars from Hell

Wow, this sounds brutal...

Beauty Around the World

A common argument for the existence of God?

What Stunts Meant in the Old Days

Hey, you are watching too much CGI. Check this out.

When the Western Citizen Meets Refugees

The pictures tell everything.

The Blue and Red Areas Both Have 5% of the World’s Population

It's so unbelievable, but apparently it's true.

Hilarious Illustrations from Tunisia to Cheer You Up

Hah, these are pretty funny...

Subway dancin’: Break Dance RULEZ

A long forgotten gem from the 80's.

A Clip You Won’t Forget (If You Watch It)

Yamee Yamee (I admit it looks a bit weird after the last post).
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