Monthly Archives: August 2015

The Importance of the First Kiss

For our teenage readers - or not?

A Trip in San Francisco Just Before the Earthquake

San Francisco just before the earthquake and fire (WITH SOUND).

Artist Buys Billboard Space to Display Nature Photos

Exactly the message you Earthlings need these days.

OZORA 2015: The Spirit of Woodstock Lives On

Amazing pictures from this year's Ozora.

How Much Sleep Do We Really Need

Huh, I need some sleep. Do you?

Snow Print of Owl Capturing Rabbit

"Follow the rabbit tracks. BAM!"

World’s Largest Eco Graffiti Was Made Using Water

A neat idea and a professional implementation.

Roar: Living with a Lion

Who’s that over there? Melanie Griffith as a child. No, no, the other one…

Evolution of Robots in Films

Never forget about them...

First Man to Ride a Wave on a Motorcycle

Here's the first person on Earth to ride a wave like that.

The Literal Meanings of Place Names in the US & The World

An amazing map showing what place names actually mean.

Two-Country Mural to Highlight Immigration Issues

'In' in one country, 'out' in another.
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