Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Yakuza: Some Real Photos by Anton Kusters

The Yakuza for real.

Salut Salon: Competitive Foursome

Playing music together redefined.

Largest Bear on Earth?

Dare to bear this!

Banksy’s Dismaland is Closed (But Now You Can Take a 360º Tour in 4k)

The last visitors of the ‘bemusement’ park have already left, but we have some good news for you. (Photo: Guardian)

Crazy Wingsuit Flight

No, that's not Batman spread out on a rock, but almost…

The Window Socket Lets You Plug Into the Sun

A great idea to harness the energy of the sun directly.

Magnetic Levitation in Your Home

One of the best DIY things I've seen. I learnt a lot about the Force.

Photoshop Live: The Street Retouch Prank

This all happened in a bus stop on a sunny afternoon.

Goa Roadworks (Funniest Psytrance Video Ever)

How goa trance people can revive the construction industry.

African Large Mammals vs. American Large Mammals

Here's what they might have shown to the killer of poor Cecil.

Berliner Trance: An Amazing Documentary About an Amazing Trance Scene (1993)

This amazing rarity was shot 1 year before I attended my first party, and 2 years before I organized my first one...

Lincoln & Kennedy: The Incredible Parallels

What the heck... Is there a history teacher among you guys to explain this?
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