Monthly Archives: September 2015

Where You Would End Up If You Crossed Earth…

Have you seen the movie Supersnooper? Here's a plan for you.

How to Drink in Moderation: The Pythagorean cup

Man, I wish had had one of these on me yesterday... I wouldn't feel so crappy now.

Elderly Street Artists Slay Age Stereotypes

Your grandma's out there while you're watching Youtube.

The Global Transportation System

I feel connected but others probably don't.

The Irony of Life

These will make you smile.

Seb Montaz: The Morning Run

Ufonaut Benyo's take on a morning run.

Innocent Girl Tortured in Shop Window for 10 Hours

WARNING: Graphic Content!

From Kissing to Wedding in Germany

Get from kissing to wedding in 9 hours.

Bootleg Movie Posters from Ghana

I don’t know WTF to say.

Will the Last Free Place in America Last?

Last free parking in America.

Breeds of Different Animals on Amazing Charts

The thousand-animal post.
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