Monthly Archives: September 2015

Cool Street Art from Paris by Oak Oak, Part 2

Oak Oak is back and we love it. See Paris tweaked (again).

Skinned Gangster Rugs

Lion rugs have been out of fashion since poor Cecil was shot, but the industry must thrive.

How Acid Music Was Born

At the end of the video there is a simple, yet so great, explanation of how acid music was born.

How to Stop People from Littering

You will know where to put your butt.

Beijing’s Smog Cleaned Up For Military Parade

Somehow, I find this to be rather eerie.

Paper or Plastic?

Earthlings, why on earth don't you use collapsible plastic crates for shopping?

Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop

The development of (modern) street art as we don't know it.

Earliest Map of Africa Dates Back to 1554

How Africa was seen from Europe in 1554.

World’s Last Audio Cassette Factory

Audio cassettes are still alive and doing well.

Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante

Here is Dante's Da Vinci Code.
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