Monthly Archives: November 2015

All the birds that you can see in North America

Cool guide for your bird watching, because it's watching you.

A Snowy Wedding From a Dog’s Perspective

We need more camera dogs.

Bobby McFerrin Sings From His Heart and Hypnotizes Crowd

Don't clap dumbass like a dumbass.

World’s Largest Rainwater Mosaic

A new use for rainwater that is really worth it.

Most Secure Sleeping Bag on Earth

Best before going to sheep (too).

How Many Sheep Can You See in This Photo?

Best before going to sheep.

Old Maps With Sea Monsters

Good old monsters of the sea, so close.

2012 Psy Trance Festivals as Seen by Loud

2012, do you remember?

Airplane Passenger Is Seated Next To His Doppelganger

“I asked him to move and when the guy looked up, I thought: “Holy s***, he looks like me”

Breathtaking Photos of Faraway Places by Steve McCurry

The world as you have never seen it.
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