Yearly Archives: 2015

Do You Separate Your Whites?

This one gave me a laugh today (finally).

Caricature Map of Europe 1914

A great steampunk illustration of WWI with explanations.

World’s Fastest One Handed Drum Roll

This guy meditates a little and then gives us the world’s fastest one handed drum roll.

Energy Distribution of the Universe

You might find this interesting earthlings. The funny thing is no one seems to know what dark energy is.

Artist Reworks Old Thrift Store Paintings

An artist finds old and/or discarded thrift store paintings and revives them by adding new characters, LOL.

This is how my neighborhood sounds when Brazil scores in the World Cup

I’ve somehow have missed this hilarious video from 2014 up until now.

How Aliens Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2

You might have noticed that I forgot the most important part of how us aliens celebrate New Year’s Eve.
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