Monthly Archives: February 2016

When Computers Dream of Pot

A trip-tastic experiment.

Chewbacca’s Voice Recreated on Guitar

Haha, that's cool.

Candide Thovex: The Ultimate Insane Ski Run

This is insane indeed.

Europe in 1871 (Will Russia Never Change?)

Will you humans never change?

Teledisko: The World’s Smallest Discotheque

When I'm in Berlin, I need to make a call.

How Happiness is Coming to You

It walks. It walks.

Auto Aerobics

Need one of these for work/hobby/elevated views.

Amazing Cat Takes Better Selfies Than You

This cat really has an eye for photography.

Newly Discovered Black Sabbath Footage, Germany 1970

Great music for an awful audience.

The Spiral of Life on Earth

Shite, the final flowdown.

It’s Like a Hot Tub, Except Filled with Beer

This could be the only reasonable use for hot beer.

The Russian Fairy Tale on Surreal Photos

Russian surreality on amazing photos.
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