Monthly Archives: July 2016

“New” Cure for Drunks

Drink? Wink?

T-Rex Attacked By Flamingos On Google Campus

Flamingos are going tougher and tougher.

Vintage Pictorial Map of China

It was made in 1931. How come it already contains Tibet?

Cost of Weekly Food Around the World

Here's how 'Go to Germany' makes sense.  

Went to Pick Mushrooms

It's cep season here.

Street Artist Makes Graffiti Legible

Imagine you are a tagger and someone deciphers your name...

How to Tell Who Painted That Painting

Oh Lord, would've I known this before never visiting all those museums...

Gods of Different Peoples Illustrated

I've discovered members of our old DJ crew here: Calumet, Ghost Dancer and Tomazooma (myself).

Every Single Satellite Orbiting Earth

Oops, that's just overwhelming.

Priest in Hungarian Town Teaches Kids How to Skateboard

Otherworldy skateboard tricks from a thisworldy and very funny priest.

A Map of Every Car Bomb Deaths in Baghdad Since 2003

You never hear about this in the news.

Awesome Stop-Motion Animation Starring Clothes

Haha, that must have taken a lot of clothing...
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