Monthly Archives: August 2016

Artist Uses Makeup to Transform Herself into Stars

This lady... oh boy...

Cross Sections of Modern Life From Around 1950

Cutaway illustrations of how the modern city started to operate.

Baby in Bag of Waters

Your baby as you have never seen... well... them.

Close Up on Everyday Things, Part 2

Interesting revelations under the microscope.

Metal Detector

Is metal underground?

Fish With Human Teeth and Their Alien Friends You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

Fishmen and other fishy aliens. (Shite, these guys have much better teeth than I do.)

Cross-Sections of Paris Buildings from the 1800s

A peep into old Paris housing.

Man Spotted Using Tiny Tug Boat To Cruise River

And he shouted something too...

Beer Can Wifi Booster

Finally, a use for those beer cans.

World Ocean Floor Map

What the ocean floor actually looks like.

World’s First Origami Kayak

Popup tents are cool, but here are popup kayaks.
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