Monthly Archives: October 2016

Magic Massage from the Past

Man, who was (is?) Dr Swift?

Album Covers Star Warized

First time I hear (or ain't I) the expression 'star warizing'.

How to Use Your Baby as Exercise Equipment

This goes to our fellow ufonaut, Benyo.

Long Term Parking: A Hope for Peace

The 80's car-set set in concrete.

What Rome’s Fuimicino Airport Looked Like in Ancient Times

Wow, it must be the world's oldest (air)port...

Turn Your Hand Into LEGO

Be your own LEGO.

Plates With Nuclear Plants to Adorn Your Walls

In the past it was windmills...

Similar Propaganda Posters from the USSR and the Third Reich

Excuse me for the joke included.

New Polymer 5 Pound Note Playing a 7″ Vinyl Single

"Money, money, money."

The Spirit of Woodstock

Not that Woodstock, a wilder one.

The Child and the Little Golden Book of Words

I know, therefore I am.

The Most Iconic Art Pieces and Where to Find Them

Where are those paintings?
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