Monthly Archives: November 2016

Modern Musical Genres and Life Expectancy

F'ck metal, I'm off to jazz.

The 9 Worlds of Norse Mythology

The Tree of the Rings.

Tree Population in the U.S.

So much treeless territory...

The Amazing World of Little People

They are all around you...

Drunken Soccer Rulez

Those Vikings are CRAZY...

Luso’s Handy Guide to Metalheads

This is satire, so don't be offended:)

How Travel Times in the USA Shrinked Between 1830 and 1930

Will never whine about commuting again!

Burning Man?

Must be, and must be the funniest one I've seen from around there...

Cutaway Illustrations of the Classic Volkswagen Transporter

I used to drive one of them in Tunisia. Lovely stuff.

The Amount of Sunshine You Get Around Europe

Well, we are right on the edge here in Upper Hungary.
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