Monthly Archives: November 2016

Guy Photoshops Himself Into Celebrity Photos and Makes Them Funny

The Angelina Sandwich and other cool recipes.

Which Country Has the Biggest Members in Europe?

To me, the stats are not surprising.

Bird’s Eye View of Los Angeles in 1909

L.A., Google Earth, 1900's.

Transportation Clusters: Europe Still Center of Earth?

Europe still rulez, ain't it? (if nowhere else)

The Jet Carpet (Alias Space Ranger)

It was delivered to your US residence for only 5,795 bucks...

Sand Magnified 300 Times Reveals Hidden Universe

Glow sticks, carnivore teeth, honeycombs and even diamonds - it's all in a day's work for Sand Magnifier Man.

This Must Be The Most Intense Nature Sequence Ever Filmed

Wow, this even beats 'Battle at Kruger'…

How to Tell How Old an Egg is

No stale eggs from now on.

The Origins of Different Crops

I always thought coffee was from the Middle East but...

How Dangerous Playgrounds Were 100 Years Ago

Playgrounds in the ole days were a little different.

Hottest Pepper in the World Heat Scale

Beware of the ones marked with red!

Handmade Cassette Tape Spine Art

Did you do this too?
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