Monthly Archives: January 2017

The Names Behind the States

The Caliphate, the enemy and the sleeping ones. Etymology of US state names.

The Battle Fronts of Europe Projected Onto the US

WWI battle fronts  ̶i̶n̶  on the US.

Spanish Artist Does Incredible Things To Stone

No, it's not Photoshop.

Are You a Prisoner of Your Cell Phone?

I cannot think (via

The Name of the Game is Orgy

This winter is tooo cold.

Pet Friendly and Not So Pet Friendly Plants

Plant matter that matters to your pet.

Sovereign States in Europe After Christ

How the crazy thing called state appeared in Europe.

How to Print a Pizza

'Hey Joe, print me a Neapolitan!'

How to Talk on the Telephone

Khm, khm, who's speaking?

The History of Hip Hop

A chart of the great (and not so great) moments of hip hop culture.

An Interesting Social Experiment: How People React to Domestic Violence

As a man, I find this is truly shocking...
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