Monthly Archives: February 2017

Bear Tripping on Fly Agarics

One small snack of fly agarics and you end up like this.

Swimming Taught Far From Water

The perfect device to make your kid(s) detest swimming.

How to Make a Baby

Beware! Explosive material.

Amazing Anagrams

The eyes, they see.

Cool Street Art Made of Chairs – A Lot of Chairs

In that year there was a strange, unexplained shortage of chairs around town.

How Women Visually Explore Men

I knew that men look at women's chests first, but never thought it holds vice versa too.

Why I Retired as a DJ

I couldn't deal with all those chicks anymore.

Guy Plays Barricade Fence as a Flute

Guy plays beautifully - on a barricade fence...

Soviet Dog Spacesuit from Sputnik 5 Mission in 1961

I don't think the dog liked it, but decide for yourself.
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