Monthly Archives: May 2017

Extremely Cool Newspaper Ad Hides Kitchen Inside Classifieds Page

Finally a classified ad that looks good. Really good.

The Conductibility of Psychic Force

LOL, could this have anything to do with science, even psychology?

The Map of Truth and Deception

Could this be true? Or would it be an understatement to see it as an exaggeration?

Be Yourself

You won't believe where it starts and ends.

Contemporary Formula 1 Shot With 104-Year-Old Camera

The golden age of photography (and Formula 1) is back.

Strange Ways to Get High, Part 2

People will still do anything for a good high.

Hilarious Posters Illustrate Weirdness of Life in Fictive Town of Scarfolk

Interesting stuff from the council that scares folks.

How the North American and European Continents Have Formed

It's interesting to find out what land is what under your feet.

The Terrifying Metamorphosis of a Hercules Rhinoceros Beetle

Terrifying or terrific? For the fans of Alien movies I guess it's both.
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