Monthly Archives: May 2017

Soviet Catalog from 1981

Anybody recalls owning any of these? I do.

Native American Symbols and Their Meanings

Ancient Indian symbols explained.

How Green Planet Earth Really Is

Surprise, surprise.

The Bedrooms of US Teenagers in the Mid-90s

Jim Morrison is there on quite a few walls. It was the time of the Doors revival, remember?

The Miserable Life of Today’s Librarian Told in 1950’s Pulp Fiction Covers

Coolest hobby for librarians I've ever seen.

The Smell of Rain Explained

The science of what rain smells like.

These Hilarious Mashed Up Objects Will Make You Smile

Hipster balloons and alkaline turntables.

The Possessed Meme

Wow, this gave me shivers.

Funny Stereotype Map of New Jersey

New Jersey people, can this be true?

10 Coolest Punk Hairstyles

Haha, pretty wicked. It even involves a car.
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