Monthly Archives: June 2017

Green Thing Tamed by Soldiers

Sluggish weirdness.

Britain’s Weirdest Place Names

I don't think I'll ever visit 3 cocks.

How Vegetation in Europe Changes Through the Year

Apparently, only part of Europe is evergreen. And it's the West, of course.

Beardlands: The Paths You Can Take from Fully Bearded to Clean Shaven

In case you come across a razor. It can be fun.

When the Massage is Too Good

Good massage can be dangerous.

What Bugged the US & UK at the Beginning of WW2

Could someone enlighten me on what the 'Joint Problem' actually was?

Ring Roads of the World as a Rose

Ring roads are beautiful.

Hey You

There's no escape anymore, thanks to modern technology.

Recent Word Creations and Their Meanings

I'm getting a bit unkeyboardinated...

Parents on Leash

Do you ever feel that way?

Wireless Passwords At Airports Around The World (Updated Regularly)

Haha, you won't believe it, but it actually works!
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