Monthly Archives: July 2017

The Lost Wallet Experiment

Where to lose your wallet.

Amazing 3D Trash Animals Reclaim the City

So much better to see trash like that instead of dumped in the forests.

Michael Paul Smith Creates Historical Photos With Incredibly Lifelike Models

Man, everything is much more lifelike without CGI.

The Music of the People

God is a musician.  

Meet The Six-Fingered Family

Gimme six.

10 Cool Pics We Recently Published On Our Facebook 1

We only publish the coolest, funniest, weirdest and interestingest (hah) pictures on our Facebook...

1,000 Clay Figures Descend Upon G20 in Protest

As long as we have people like that around, there is hope.

Possible EU Leaving Names for Different European Countries

Czech-out under what names European countries could be leaving the EU.

Flipped Iceberg Reveals Incredibly Beautiful Underside

Diamonds are forever, this isn't. Good thing the photographer was there.
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