Monthly Archives: July 2017

Why the 10 MB Hard Disk Was a Great Novelty

You think it was the worst investment ever? Well, no, unless you had enough space and time to reboot...

The Shortest Route for the Longest Pub Crawl: Visit All UK Pubs in One Go

A lovely solution to an old scientific problem.

Long Extinct Monsters of North America

I don't want to meet the hell pig, but these are great.

What the Average European Man Looks Like Country by Country

European countries face to face.

The True Nature of Your Mind

A true stat(u)e of mind.

The Transparent Kayak

Yak, yak, I want this kayak.

Mustaches and Crime

The spectrum of mustaches from law-abiding to evil.

The World’s Most Pirate Laden Regions Since 2001

Pirates are up, up, up.

Japanese Diver Has Been Visiting His Fish Buddy For 25 Years

Louis, I think this is the climax of a beautiful friendship.

Tram Crossing the Great Hungarian Puszta

Wow, what a story...

Human Choice Cuts

"On a similar note I must confess to you, I'm giving very serious thought... to eating your wife."

Argotopolis: A Map of London Slang

Slang from the Plate o’ Meat.
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