Monthly Archives: September 2017

Building a 13th Century Castle in France Using Medieval Techniques

For 20 years and counting. The mills of medieval gods grind slowly.

From Egg To Chick

Believe me, the egg came first.

May The Floss Be With You

Man, gimme your eyeteeth.

Cool Inventions That (Would) Really Make Our Lives Easier

These are so cool. Why don't we see more of them in our everyday lives?

The Costs of American Wars

This 'War on Terror' business appears to be really profitable...

This Ash Cloud Formation from Mt. Augustine Had Balls

An eruption that had balls. Or was it the balls that erupted?

Be Ready For Your Next Wildlife Encounter

Now, this is for real.

What to Do When a Bear Attacks You (Before You Die)

Bears gryll you, whatever you do.

10 Cool Pics We Recently Published On Our Facebook 3

We only publish the coolest, funniest, weirdest and interestingest (hah) pictures on our Facebook…

The Dadbag: For When You Can’t Develop a Beer Belly, However Hard You Try

I don't need this anymore, but you may...

How Many Kisses To Expect Around France

I've been there. 3-5 French kisses at a time...

How Many Lines of Code Does it Have?

I thought Facebook would be much bigger. Wait till you see Google.
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