Monthly Archives: October 2017

Free Internet Explodes in Cuba

Hotspots are really hot in Cuba.

Snake Eaten by Frog Appears to Be Letting Out a Last Scream

It's a frog eat snake world out there.

King Size Fly Agaric Found in Hungary

I mean kid size.

Meet the Orthodox Space Program


Reasons You Could End Up in a Lunatic Asylum in the 19th Century

Struggling with business nerves or false confinement? Beware...

Will They Survive The 70’s?

I did, but I had the advantage of being born then.

SIM Cards Are Actually Miniature Computers

I wonder why this is kind of kept as a secret.

Learn How to Give a Sharp Whistle

Let us know if you've managed to make it work. I'm getting there (too).

Soviet English Language Textbook From 1959

Where does the capitalist have his breakfast? On your back of course.
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