Monthly Archives: October 2017

How to Pet Your Pets Properly

This actually gets funny at some point.

Find Out How Common Your Birthday Is

Interesting. Are Americans more sexually active in the Autumn/Winter?

Duke of Wellington Statue in Glasgow Permanently Wears a Traffic Cone

That's a pretty funny story about the Rebels vs the Empire.

Augmented vs. Virtual Reality: The Real Difference

What kind of reality augmented reality vs. virtual reality all come down to.

How the Soviets Killed East Europeans (Financially)

Europe's financial demarkation line.

What People Think About Your City

How much your city is cool/not cool.

Amazing ‘Slo-Mo’ Guitar String Vibrations Captured From Inside Guitar

Actually, this isn't fake. But it takes an iPhone for guitar strings to oscillate like that.

How Sitting Wrecks Your Body

We have to go back to Homo Erectus. We have to stand up.

How to Walk the Medieval Way

When no girls are around...

Anatomy of Different Music Genres

...with special regard to my loved ones, EDM and heavy metal.
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