Monthly Archives: December 2017

Inside an Elizabethan Sailing Ship

Peep inside a sailing ship from the height of the Elizabethan era.

Just Act Natural, No One Will Notice

When you went to the event without your trumpet.

The World Before Social Media

...and flat screens.

How Much Bird Poop Does It Take to Damage a Smart Car?

Poopibly the birdest question I've heard today.

Resurrection Bilology: Bringing Long Extinct Animals Back to Life

A mammophant? Yes, a possibility.

What Music Does to Your Brain, Part 2

Musical brainwash types.

Are You Part of the 75% That Can Hear This GIF?

Can you hear anything while viewing this GIF? I think I can. Kind of...

Impact of Subcultures on British Fashion

This is so freakin' fashionable.

Artist Leaves Dress In The Dead Sea For 2 Months and the End Result is Amazing

These photos were taken about half way through the project. The end result is even more amazing.

Shoes That Grow

Your self-lacing Nikes redefined, earthlings.

Space Shuttle Badges

Nice tries, earthlings.
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