Yearly Archives: 2018

Hy-Brasil is Not Sinking

Whatever else is happening, you can rest assured, Hy-Brasil is NOT sinking. Repeat, NOT sinking.

Fascinating Relief Map of the World’s Largest Lake

A quarter of Earth's freshwater resides here.

Animation Shows Route of the First Recorded Ocean Crossing by a Great White Shark

An amazing and historic trip by a white shark.

Hundred Largest Islands of the World

The biglands.

What a Homo Erectus Would Look Like Today

Homo erectus resurrected.

Vintage Soviet Christmas Postcards

Season's greetings, earthlings.

Which Countries Are The Most Paranoid?

How paranoid is your country?

Tribal Nations Map of North America

Native American tribes as you've never seen them before.

New York City in 1971

New York almost 50 years ago (ouch).
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