Monthly Archives: October 2018

Most Amazing Galaxies in the Universe

Home, sweet home.

Heroes of Science Action Figures

Would you collect them?

Why Haven’t We Found Aliens?

Rings a bell?

Soccer Shirts Made Out Of Cigarette Boxes

Finally a good use for those boxes.

Genealogical Tree of Humanity

I knew you were all reptiles, earthlings.

This is How Much Land it Would Take If We All Lived Like People in These Countries

How much Earth it would take if we all lived like that country...

The Mikiphone: Pocket Phonograph from 1926

Portable music from almost 100 years ago. No batteries needed!

The Andromeda Galaxy as it Approaches the Milky Way from Earth

In 7 billion years... the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky way... I mean, take a look yourself.

3D Reconstruction of Imperial Rome

Love this 3D model. Nice job.
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