Monthly Archives: February 2018

Google Translate App Now Allows You To Translate With Your Camera

You can actually translate all foreign text around you with your camera.

Ten Great Years of the Beatles

A history of beatwear.

Alien Collectible Trading Cards from 1979

He must be a retired space jockey, like me. He is in a bad shape though.

Amazing Photos That Accidentally Look Like Renaissance Art

Does the Golden Ratio make these photos golden?

Listen to the First Ever Computer Generated Music from 1951

In the beginning, you needed this thing to make computer music.

This Russian Made Muzzle Turns Your Toy Dog Into a Werewolf


Old Ways of Flirtation From When There Were No Emoticons

Emoticons are getting increasingly complicated, but life wasn’t easy in the old days either.

Guide To Bad Parenting

Point by point, they have a point there.

Vocal Ranges of the World’s Greatest Singers

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