Monthly Archives: March 2019

Layers of London Discovered During Construction of Crossrail

Digging in London's underground past.

Anatomy of the Audio Cassette

I have extensive first-hand experience with those parts.

Amazing Vintage Illustrations of Mountain Vegetation

So interesting to see layers and patches of mountain vegetation like that.

Look at the 5th Tallest Structure on Earth from Top to Bottom

An extremely long post that you can read in a second.

Wind Resource Map of Europe

Looking at the reddish areas, I'll never complain about windy weather again.

How Much of a Caveman Are You?

I'm more of a caveman than I would've thought.

Cutaway Illustrations of Vintage Airplanes

A glimpse into vintage flights.

Interesting and Funny Cat Facts

They nailed all 21 of them.

Coastlines of the Ice Age on Amazing Relief Maps

Amazing maps from when there was MORE land, for a change.

World’s Smallest Country vs Largest Building

Wow, buildings are outgrowing countries... Well, at least some of them.
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