Monthly Archives: April 2019

How Words Spread Along Trade Routes

How words used to spread. Back then.

Time Zones on Antarctica

Life in all these time zones would (will?) be chaotic.

Summer in New York City 1979

Summer in the Big Apple near the end of the 70s.

Watch Planet Earth Evolve from the Last Ice Age to 1000 Years into the Future

Watch the ice sheet retreat and the planet change.

The Most Suitable Habitats for Homo Sapiens

Comfortable habitat for Homo Sapiens around the world.

220 Mini Metro Maps from Around the World

I've been to quite a few of these mazes, have you?

Inside the Flight Deck of the Space Shuttle Endeavour

The Endeavour and its antechamber, which has a lot of writing on its walls.

Zoom in on the Natural Environment of Cold War USSR

Zoom in on the USSR's nature or what.

How Far You Can Drive Your Vehicle on Empty

This will prevent you from getting stranded with your car.

These Photos Are Proof That Gorillas Actually Enjoy Taking Selfies

Who said selfie culture was limited to the Homo Sapiens?

San Andreas Fault Superimposed Over California Landscape

California divided by San Andreas.
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