3D Printed Mini You


Aiming to replace the ubiquitous photobooth, Japanese company Omote 3D have come up with a limited edition pop-up installation at the eye of gyre exhibition that reproduces personal detailed miniature action figures. Ranging from 10 to 20 centimeters in height, the system utilizes a three-dimensional camera and printer to process and scan users, creating custom scale reproductions. The concept has been developed further and a 3D Printing Photo Studio has opened, so the good news is that you can now have a 3D scan of yourself done and have your own action figure printed for around $250. Still a bit pricey but there’s no better present if you want your children to play with you.


3D-printed-mini-you_2 3D-printed-mini-you_3b 3D-printed-mini-you_4 3D-printed-mini-you_5 3D-printed-mini-you_6 3D-printed-mini-you_7 3D-printed-mini-you_8 3D-printed-mini-you_9 3D-printed-mini-you_10 3D-printed-mini-you_11 3D-printed-mini-you_12 3D-printed-mini-you_13 3D-printed-mini-you_15 3D-printed-mini-you_16 3D-printed-mini-you_17 3D-printed-mini-you_17b 3D-printed-mini-you_18 3D-printed-mini-you_20


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