A Possible Look at Bigfoot

I don’t know what’s all this fuss about Bigfoot. They should go to an Iron Maiden concert – there they can encounter thousands of ’em. Anyway, this is a sketch by a long-forgotten California informant describing to veteran Bigfoot field investigator, Peter Guttila, what she observed in the mountains in Southern California in 1987 (when Iron Maiden were on the top, interestingly).

“Legs shorther than the arms, arms hung to the groin, no waist, thick body, prolific amount of head and body hair, enormous feet and toes, the tops of which are not overed in hair, flat belly, very muscular and cut bangs that framed thge creature’s face above the eyebrows… very short neck… human looking eyes. No conical head, no sagittal crest, no sloped forehead… small male genitalia…” Well, I would definitely argue about this last one, but otherwise… an Iron Maiden fan indeed…

“I took particular notice of this sketch in Peter’s files,” writes the original author, “because I also observed ‘cut forehead hair’ two years earlier in Northern California…” Man, were the Ramones involved too?

via Bigfoot Encounters


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