Airplane Collides With Skydiver


A World War II vet is taking off with his Cessna at the South Lakeland Airport in Lakeland, FL. At the same time, for reasons still being investigated, a skydiver is descending into a field at the airport. The result is, well, collision (a lucky one this time, considering that the Cessna flew into the parachute, just missing the skydiver, but getting tangled in the lines). See the results for yourself…

skydiver-and-airplane-collision-1 skydiver-and-airplane-collision-2

skydiver-and-airplane-collision-3 skydiver-and-airplane-collision-4 skydiver-and-airplane-collision-5 skydiver-and-airplane-collision-6
skydiver-and-airplane-collision-7 skydiver-and-airplane-collision-9 skydiver-and-airplane-collision-10 skydiver-and-airplane-collision-11
skydiver-and-airplane-collision-12 skydiver-and-airplane-collision-13 skydiver-and-airplane-collision-14 skydiver-and-airplane-collision-15

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