Amazing 3-Dimensional Fractal Sculptures Created With Ferrofluid


Ufonaut Hanga is back from a mission to a nano-galaxy and has brought a big bottle of Ferrofluid with him as a present. Ferrofluid, which is made by dissolving nanoscale ferromagnetic particles in a solvent such as water or oil, becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field to an extent that it creates amazing 3-dimensional fractal patterns. Japanese artist Sachiko Kodama took advantage of this property to create stunning kinetic sculptures which you can see in motion below.

art-sculpture-science-ferrofluid-sachiko-kodama-1art-sculpture-science-ferrofluid-sachiko-kodama-3 art-sculpture-science-ferrofluid-sachiko-kodama-5

via Fractal Enlightment


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