Amazing House Kites by Laurent Chéhère


In his Flying Houses series French photographer Laurent Chéhère catches urban and suburban Parisian houses, homes, tents and trailers as they fly high, high up in the clouds, tethered by power lines. According to his website:

The “Flying Houses” are inspired by a poetic vision of old Paris, by Jules Vernes, Albert Robida, Moebius, Hayao Miyazaki, Albert Lamorisse, Wim Wenders, Federico Fellini, Marcel Carné, Jean Cocteau and a lot of others references. These buildings are also inspired by poor and cosmopolitan neighborhood of Paris where lives Laurent Chéhère.


amazing-flying-houses-chehere-1b amazing-flying-houses-chehere-1b1 amazing-flying-houses-chehere-1b2 amazing-flying-houses-chehere-1c amazing-flying-houses-chehere-1c2
amazing-flying-houses-chehere-1d amazing-flying-houses-chehere-2 amazing-flying-houses-chehere-2b amazing-flying-houses-chehere-3 amazing-flying-houses-chehere-3b
amazing-flying-houses-chehere-4 amazing-flying-houses-chehere-4b amazing-flying-houses-chehere-5 amazing-flying-houses-chehere-9 amazing-flying-houses-chehere-10
amazing-flying-houses-chehere-15 amazing-flying-houses-chehere-17

via Colossal, ZEY NEP