Amazing Upside Down Animal Illusions


I was, as usual, surfing the Internet and all of a sudden I came across this pig, I mean owl. Wow, so upside down animal illusions is a thing? It apparently is, beacause I then encountered this lion or what by René Milot:


And apparently there are other interesting attempts too, you just have to look them up (or down?):

pig-shark-illusion-1 pig-shark-illusion-2

To go even further, Leo Burnett, a prestigious international ad agency, created a brilliant 3-image optical illusion ad campaign for Jeep in France with the motto “See whatever you want to see”. I do.

animal-optical-illusion-jeep-advertisement-leo-burnett-1 animal-optical-illusion-jeep-advertisement-leo-burnett-2 animal-optical-illusion-jeep-advertisement-leo-burnett-3 animal-optical-illusion-jeep-advertisement-leo-burnett-4

animal-optical-illusion-jeep-advertisement-leo-burnett-5 animal-optical-illusion-jeep-advertisement-leo-burnett-6


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