Auto Aerobics

“And roll……and stretch……and glide……and flex.”

Where can you buy these classic car mashups? We need one for work/hobby/elevated views.

Although they are certainly not mass produced yet, these concepts by UK-based illustrator Chris Labrooy would be worth the attention. Hey, car manifacturers: why not recreate these things in real life and try to use them? It could as well work, as Chris has been using various 3D tools to explore the intersection of typography, architecture, product design and visual art to create all this. As he puts it:

Auto aerobics began life as a tiny idea for a project about New York. Walking through Brooklyn on a winters evening is a truly memorable experience which motivated me to build a digital 3D model that captured the various details and textures of this location. The Pontiac automobile was initially destined to be a prop parked on the sidewalk; however, I later decided to make it a parallel subject of the series and started abstracting the cars forms by hollowing out the vehicles core, stretching the proportions and experimenting with multiples which over time began to look extraordinary.

Well, Chris, we fully agree!

auto-aerobics-1 auto-aerobics-2 auto-aerobics-3 auto-aerobics-4 auto-aerobics-5

via Colossal