Average Faces of Native American Tribes

These different phenotypes of the American Natives were created by Amud using a bunch of composite images from historical photos. They take into account all the variety of appearances that there are among the different regions of the USA.

average faces native americans
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  1. Funny since ALL the Natives Pictured before the 1900s all have SUPER DARK SKIN, the ITALIAN EXPLORERS drew them as Black AMERICANS

    • Would that not be included with the Eastern Forest Tribes? At on time, the Iroquois governed over large areas of the East Coast, including Michigan and farther north.

  2. I see the Iroquois/Cherokee faces and they remind me of my father, as I become older. Thanks to the artist who did all the research. Appreciated.

  3. I am looking for my greatgrandma owllooking and james blood my greatgrandpas information like my greatgrandma her maiden last name

    • ROSEMARY. The photos came when, in general terms, a great many First Nations had been removed, eliminated, or went to other tribes, to prevent their ancestral memories from vanishing. This gives a better defined view of our people.

      • I am in search of what tribe my grandmother belong to. I commented on your post not only was it the first one I saw but her last name was Stevens. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Monica Labeaud


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