Babies Dressed as Senior Citizens


Uhh, this is kind of weird… The spirit of Benjamin Button is alive… Created by photographer Zachary Scott for the The New York Times, the series “Old Babies” reverts six elderly characters back into their childhood phase as an illustration for an upcoming article on the work of Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer, who has found that a positive, youthful state of mind can in fact reverse or stall the aging process.

“Ultimately, the series is a testament to the seriousness of play, illuminating the vitality and whimsy that lies within us all, should we choose to tap into it.”

babies-dressed-as-seniors-1 babies-dressed-as-seniors-2 babies-dressed-as-seniors-3 babies-dressed-as-seniors-4 babies-dressed-as-seniors-5 babies-dressed-as-seniors-6

Via The Plaid Zebra


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