Here’s Proof That Baby Owls Sleep Face Down Just Like Baby Humans

We recently posted this picture of a young snow owl taken in a Japanese wildlife park back in 2017. He may look like an ex-owl but he is only having a nap, face down. And he is not drunk.

Since then, we have done some more research into how baby owls sleep, just because sleeping baby owls are extremely cute, especially when they do so in prone position. So we are back with more great pictures and facts on sleeping baby owls.

Baby owls sleep like baby humans: a few hours at a time mostly during the day

Image credit: Tanja Brandt

They often sleep face down because their big ol’ heads are too heavy for them to do so perched

Image credit: fs_harajuku

In nature, they keep their talons tightly gripped on a branch while sleeping face down

Image credit: Kathy C

They keep their legs extremely straight while they sleep because as soon as they bend their leg their talon is likely to ease on the branch they are gripping onto

Image credit: TBD

When they are asleep, they do not like to be awakened, even to be fed

Image credit: Lihui5344Rie

Owlets will mostly turn their face to the side for easier breathing but will remain sprawled out on their stomachs

Baby owls also show high levels of REM activity during sleep

Image credit: Daily Dawdle

As they get older owls seem to dream less…

Photo: doorabl

And also sleep less and less in this adorable position…

Image credit: toricaferoppong
Image credit: owlparktokyo
Image credit: RukiOwl

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